Melissa – An Approach to Open-Source Virtual Assistants

Tanay Pant

Tanay Pant is an author, whitehat and a tech enthusiast having a passion for web development. He is the chief architect of Stock Wolf , a global virtual stock trading platform which aims at imparting practical education about stocks and markets. He is also a representative of Mozilla and you can find his name listed in the about:credits of the Firefox web browser. You can find articles written by him on web development at SitePoint and TutsPlus. He also acts as a security consultant and enjoys helping corporations fix vulnerabilities in their products.

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4 Responses

  1. Bhavesh Anand says:

    Great work , sir !!

  2. April Morone says:

    Love this. :)

  3. Lars says:

    Installed it today, working good. How to learn it new words?

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